(Revised March 14, 2019)

The Monroe County Amateur Radio Society Inc., hereafter called MCARS, shall have as its
objectives the promotion of interest in Amateur Radio, public service, the advancement of the
radio art, the maintenance of fraternalism and a high standard of conduct among radio
amateurs, the promotion of allied activities, and the encouragement of family participation in
amateur radio activities.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to maintain an up-to-date file of the (1) Constitution, (2) By-
Laws, (3) Certificates of Incorporation, (4) IRS confirmation of tax-free status, (5) other
documents entrusted to the Secretary by the President, as well as (6) Resolutions and (7)
Minutes. The documents maintained by the Secretary shall be the Official Copy for reference by
the members. The Secretary and/or Treasurer will publish the official membership roster.

Full membership is open to all licensed Radio Amateurs. Full membership includes all Society
privileges as well as the right to hold office and to vote for officers.
Associate membership is open to all other interested persons. If an Associate member obtains
an Amateur Radio License his/her membership will be upgraded to full membership for the
remainder of the calendar year at no cost. Associate members will not be eligible to vote or hold
Family membership is open to immediate family members in one household. For example,
parents and children. Only licensed family members are eligible to vote. Family membership
may not exceed a total of five (5) members.
Life membership may be granted to any member in good standing, who has made a significant
contribution to the Society, by a majority vote of the membership at any monthly meeting. Life
members shall have all rights and privileges of a Full member; however, a Life member is
exempt from having to pay dues.
Honorary membership may be granted to those individuals, licensed or unlicensed, who have
made a significant contribution to the Society. Honorary members are not eligible to vote or
hold office and are exempt from having to paying dues. (Honorary members might include such
people as mayors or commissioners.)
Applications for membership may be submitted at any time to the Secretary who shall forward it
to the President for inclusion on the agenda for a vote by the membership .
Membership is open to all persons interested in Amateur Radio, without regard to their age, sex,
ethnic background, religion, or political affiliation.

Every October the President shall ask for nominations to fill the following offices: President, Vice
President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Nominations will also be entertained from the floor at the
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November meeting with the election to be held at the November meeting. All officers shall be
elected for a term of one year.

Regular meetings shall be held on the second Thursday of each month, at such place as the
President shall order. However, under certain circumstances the President may change the date
and location provided the membership has been given a 72-hour notice. Upon written request
of five Society members, the President may call special meetings. Members shall be notified 72
hours in advance of special meetings and the business to be transacted. This notification will be
via the member’s email address on file through Ham Club Online (HCOL) which is the Official
means for all Society communications. In the event HCOL is unable to send an email to a
member, the Society will email that member via the email on file.

Per the Constitution, Article V, a regular annual assessment as shown in the schedule below, is
payable at the January meeting to provide for the current operating funds.
Full Membership (Individual licensed member) ……………………………………………. $10.00
Associate Membership (unlicensed with no voting rights) …………………………….. $10.00
Family Membership (only two licensed membership have voting rights) ………….. $20.00
Life Membership (exempt from paying dues) ………………………………………………… $0.00
Honorary Membership (exempt from paying dues with no voting rights) …………… $0.00
Members whose dues are in arrears three months will be dropped from membership and will
forfeit Society privileges. Delinquent members may be reinstated with the submission of dues
for the current calendar year.

The Society shall maintain committees whose members will be volunteers from the
membership. Committees will choose a chairman from among themselves. The chairman of a
committee may solicit additional committee members as required. Committees may be created
or disbanded, or duties combined at the recommendation of the Board and the will of the
Society. The Society membership can with a majority vote create or disband a committee at any
regular meeting.
Section 1. Membership Committee
The membership committee (the club body), chaired by the Vice President, shall actively
promote the Society and its activities, for the purpose of drawing new members into the Monroe
County Amateur Radio Society.
Section 2. Accounting Committee
At the February business meeting, the Board of Directors shall recommend an accountant to
look at the books and report any irregularities at the April meeting. The Society’s Treasurer is a
standing member of the committee.
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Section 3. Fundraising Committee
The Board of Directors shall recommend at the February business meeting a member to chair
the Fundraising Committee. The committee is responsible for locating and securing funding
sources necessary to maintain the continuous operation of the Society as well as those Special
Projects which are approved by the membership.
Section 4. Special Project Committees
The Board shall accept volunteers to form additional committees as needed to handle special

The Secretary and Treasurer are to maintain a record of Society property and equipment
including cost, location, expenses, condition, and other relevant information to render a full and
accurate accounting to members.
Any equipment donated to the Society will be received with thanks, receipted and recorded by
the Asset Custodians in the Society’s official records.
Any equipment loaned to a member must be recorded in the log, with the condition of the
equipment noted and the log signed by the member borrowing the equipment. Upon the return
of said equipment by the borrower, the Asset Custodians must sign the log and shall verify that
the equipment has been returned and that it is in as good a condition as when it was borrowed.
At the beginning of each year the Asset Custodians shall inventory all Society equipment noting
the location and condition of each item. This information shall be recorded in the official
Society’s records and reported to the membership and the insurance broker if any.

The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer may authorize purchases of
$100.00 or less. Purchases over $100.00 must be approved by a majority vote of members at
any regular or special meeting.

A memorial of $50.00 may be sent to the family of a member who has become a silent key or,
instead of memorial, a food tray not to exceed $50.00 may be purchased and delivered to the
family by the treasurer or a representative.

The Board of Directors, by a majority vote, at a regular meeting, may suspend or expel any
member for cause, such as: Violation of the By-Laws or for conduct prejudicial against the best
interest of the Society, provided that a statement of the charge(s) shall have been mailed to the
member at his/her last recorded address at least fifteen (15) days before the final action is taken
thereon; this statement shall be accompanied by notice of the time and place such action is to
be taken by the Board of Directors. The member shall be given the opportunity to present a
defense at the time and place mentioned in such notice and to face any accusers in person.
Such action by the Board may be overturned by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote by the members
present at the next regular membership meeting following such action. Membership shall be terminated automatically for non-payment of dues provided for under
Article VI of these By-Laws.
Infractions that may require disciplinary action shall include but not be limited to; Felonies
involving Moral Turpitude, conduct unbecoming a member/officer, Abuse of the repeater, and
Disorderly conduct at a club function.
Any member that has their F.C.C. Amateur License revoked, shall automatically be considered
as tending his/her resignation from the Society.
In the event this Society shall cease to exist; all documented loaned equipment shall be
returned to the owner. All equipment owned by the Society and all monies in the Treasury shall
be donated to a non-profit organization of similar purpose, determined by the membership.

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