New DMR Operators

Congratulations to MCARS new DMR operators. DMR is a great local or worldwide mode to use if you are a Technician, General or Extra Class licensee. MCARS has a DMR 440 MMDVM repeater. More codeplug updates and hotspot updates to come. Stay tuned…

Difference Between a Static and a Dynamic (PTT) Talkgroup

On the BrandMeister network static talkgroups are configured by repeater operators.  These talkgroups are similar to always-on talkgroups.  They will always transmit when there is traffic. These are the only talkgroups that must  be configured by repeater operators. Dynamic or PTT talkgroups are just that.  When a user keys up on a dynamic talkgroup the … Read more

ARRL Field Day 2020 is June 27 – 28

Many individuals and groups organizing events for Field Day 2020 have been contacting ARRL for guidance on how to adapt their planned activities in this unprecedented time of social distancing and uncertainty. “Due to the unique situation presented this year, this can be an opportunity for you, your club, and/or group to try something new,” ARRL Contest … Read more

From Across the Pond

Amateur radio use in the UK has seen a “significant” rise during the coronavirus lockdown as people seek new ways of staying connected. The national body that represents users – the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) – has said many people who formerly enjoyed the hobby are also returning to it. Mark Rider’s social … Read more

Crimp or Solder

From the Quick Silver website: Which way is better? I’ll never solder another PL-259 again. Here’s why: Smart Hams know that modern crimp connectors, installed with the proper tool, are superior. The single most frequent failure point in all types of coaxial RF connectors is the braid (shield) of a PL-259. When you solder the … Read more