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Compare and Contrast Essay Outline - Writing Guide - 2021 Guide


Writing essays during their educational career is a routine job of the students. They have to encounter different writing assignments with changed requirements. A compare and contrast essay is one among many such essays that students write during their studies. Students, however, face difficulty in structuring their outlines for a compare and contrast essay. Making an excellent outline for an essay is an essential component of it. Those who can construct their write my paper for me outline well, face no difficulty in writing their essays.



A compare and contrast essay is about a comparison of both similarities and differences of two or more ideas, texts, or persons. The writer is to look deep for changes and commonalities in subjects of comparison to write a good compare and contrast essay.


Many students lack such skills but they do not seek help to improve their writing.  For instance, whenever I am unable to write well, I do not ask someone else to write my essay for me, instead, I take guidance to improve my writing skills.


A compare and contrast essay is merely about the listing of similarities and differences rather is it involves a thorough analysis of them in a coherent way. This kind of essay consists of a comparison of two ideas, books, events, or persons, therefore, just listing of commonalities and differences is not sufficient. You need to dig deep into the subject and bring out what is important to be noticed.


Moreover, the writer is also supposed to be relevant to the topic and must consider what her professor would like the most in her essay. However, if you lack expertise in writing, get it improved. Asking others to write essay for me is only a temporary solution. Eventually, you have to develop your writing skills to get better grades from your professor.


 To organize a compare and contrast essay, the following two ways are used.

  •         Point to point
  •         Block pattern

Before discussing the outline in detail, it is pertinent to mention that almost all kinds of essays follow the same structure. It includes an introductory paragraph, a general body of the essay, and a conclusion at the end.


1-       Point to Point Method

In this method, you organize your essay based on the points that you want to discuss in the essay. One point is discussed in a single paragraph. For instance, in the first paragraph, you assert something about the topic and compare and contrast it in essay writing service detail. Following this pattern, your outline will be as follows.


  •         Introduction

At the start comes the introduction of your essay. It includes main points, an overview of the subjects, and a clear thesis statement.

  •         First Point In First Sentence

The first sentence contains a point about the subjects of the essay followed by two discussion points for each of the subjects.

  •         Second Point 

Here you write your second point and discuss it regarding both subjects of the comparison.

  •         Third Point

The third point also follows the same pattern.

  •         Fourth Point

The fourth point also follows the same pattern and then comes the fifth point if any.

  •         Conclusion

In this paragraph, you restate the thesis and summarize the main points.



2-      Block Pattern Method

In essays that include a comparison of more than two subjects, or situations, or events that are different from each other, the point to point method does not cover it well. For this kind of essay, a block pattern of the outline is used. In this method, first, you discuss one subject and bring all points into the write my essay discussion, then move to the next, and so on. In the end, you summarize all of your points and conclude your essay in the last paragraph. The outline will be as follows.

  •         Introduction
  •         Subject 1

Here you discuss in detail and provide all of the points.

  •         Subject 2

here you discuss at least three points.

  •         Subject 3

Here again, you provide all the relevant points to make your argument.

  •         Summary

In this paragraph, you summarize all the points.

  •         Conclusion 

In the end, you write a concluding paragraph and briefly discuss the thesis and main points of the essay.  



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