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Best adult pc games What is your favorite game on PC? is a common question for all PC gamers. It is because of the PC games that have become an entertainment staple for millions of gamers around the world. If you are also a PC gamer and this question has crossed your mind, then don't worry. This article will show you the different genres of games available in the market and what they have to offer you.

The first thing that people usually ask is whether there are multiplayer or single player games available on the PC. Actually there are a number of them but to keep things simple I'll be focusing on the single player games only. I really love playing strategy games because you get to control various characters and give them orders to do a specific task which usually depends on the scenario and the game play. I'm a big fan of strategy games, myself and one of my favorite ones is Age of War. It's a turn-based military-themed game that you play on your PC and is a huge fun experience for fans of the genre.

If you like strategy games then you might also like to check out a few action games. There are some very exciting games out there with the fast pace action. Some of them require you to think fast and make split-second decisions while playing. Other ones are more survival-type games where you have to spend some time thinking about what to do and how to do it.

Remember that sometimes the choices you make can also determine how you die. Therefore if you're playing a game such as counter strike, you'll need to think fast and take the best shot at your opponent's. You can even pause the game if you find that your timing is off and then come back to it later on.

PC gaming has really come a long way since the early days of DOS games. There are many other technologies such as streaming 3d graphics and virtual reality that has taken PCs to a whole new level. Many people don't realize just how much of a difference a simple graphics card makes in games. They aren't necessary for playing all the current games that are available for PC, but they are a definite improvement for some games.

To sum up, what is your favorite game on PC? If you answered "PC gaming" or" RPGs" than you've found an enjoyable and informational site. There are hundreds of games available that anyone can find interesting. These games can be played casually, by killing time at work, with friends, or even to improve your hand eye co-ordination. By playing games that you otherwise would not play you will find yourself with a whole new skill set.


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