Our repeaters are located on the Monroe County Hospital tower at an elevation of 60 feet. The repeaters are an Icom Controller with a 2 meter D-Star module along with a Bridgecom 440 repeater. The Bridgecom MMDVM module is installed for mixed mode operation, analog/DMR operation. The power output of the repeaters are:
D-Star – 50 watts
440 – 40 watts
We have the capability installed for 200 watts transmit on the 440 repeater. 

The KK4JPG D-Star repeater frequency pair is: 146.480 RX – 145.080 TX – No Tone
This repeater is connected to Reflector 30B. If you desire to use this repeater as a talk around, unlink the repeater. When you are through, the repeater will automatically link back to Reflector 30B.
‚ÄčOn Sunday evenings this repeater will automatically link to the Southeastern D-Star Weather Net. After the net is concluded it will link back to Reflector 30B.

The KK4JPG 440 repeater frequency pair is: 449.750 RX – 444.750 TX – Tone 100

We now have a new Bridgecom 2 meter repeater on the air. The call sign is KK4JPG and the frequency pair is: RX = 144.810 – TX = 145.410 – Tone 100 – Power out is 50 watts.